1. When adding new properties, first add the single main picture you want to use for the property here in the Gallery

2. Within that image, title it with the property's name and address and in description provide the info you want to give. (Look at other properties for reference)

3a. Set the category as "avaliable"

3b. Set the tag to the amount of bedrooms the property has

3c. To make a property "featured" and seen on the front page, click the settings for the image in the gallery, then options and tick the "featured image" checkbox


4a. Then, under the folder "More Info available properties" create a new page for your property.( But it is easier to follow 4b instead)

4b.  you can copy the template I've made (mouse over the page, click the cog, scroll down under basic and click duplicate page) and rename it. Add a gallery with all the images you want and provide information, maps, etc. CLICK THIS FOR A LINK TO THE TEMPLATE


5. Now, go back to the available properties gallery, open the image for the property and create a hyperlink to the property using the chain icon. Highlight the text, click the chain icon, go to "content" and then find the page you've created for the property



1. Move property from "available properties" folder to "recently let folder"

2a. open properties gallery CLICK HERE

2b. find property

2c. remove "available" tag

2d. add "recently let" tag


3. if you do not want the property to show at all set the tag to 'archive'